A Guide to Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Laminate Flooring Installation Guide - Step By Step Instructions

We looked at the first step of hardwood floor refinishing. This involved removing the old finish from the flooring and fixing any imperfections. We’ll now discuss the next steps that can make the difference between a hardwood floor that lasts for a lifetime and one that isn’t. Let’s take a look at these steps and explain why you should leave it to the professionals.

Apply the finish to the floor.

The final hardwood floor finish is dependent on the quality of cleaning. Our high-tech vacuums will get rid of nearly all dust on the hardwood floor surface source. The hardwood floor surface will be prepared using the techniques we have learned over decades of hardwood floor restoration. Although homeowners are aware of the importance and necessity of cleaning before refinishing, they rarely have the ability to do so as well as My Affordable Floors. This results in a less smooth finish and frustrating application.

After the floor has been cleaned, our experts will apply the finish using a delicate touch only experienced can provide. The finished product will look like glass and bring out the beauty of your hardwood planks. My Affordable Floors can refinish hardwood floors. There are no restrictions on how many coats or how long it should cure. Our experts will apply the right finish to your floor to make sure it lasts many years. UV floor finishing is available. This gives you a durable, 100% cure finish in minutes instead of the typical days it takes for a finish to cure.

After your My Affordable Floors hardwood flooring refinishing project has been completed, you will know that you did the right decision by leaving it to the professionals. You can make your living spaces more beautiful by refinishing your floors. They are more durable than any other surface in your home. Do it right the first time, or hire My Affordable Floors to help you.


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