Manual Push Mowers Cut a Path To Green Living

What better place to start a green revolution than in your own backyard. The greening of America is a good thing and you can help with something as simple as the way you cut your lawn.

Lawn care comes in three basic styles; gas powered, electric powered and human powered or the manual push mower. Let’s start with gas powered, the fastest and most powerful. On the toxic side, gas mowers produce several types of pollutants, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ozone precursors and carbon dioxide, none of which are beneficial to the environment and even less to the person operating the mower.

Depending on which study you read, operating a gas mower for one hour produces the same pollution as driving a car 1300 to 3400 miles. An EPA study found that nine percent of some types of air pollutants nationwide come from lawn and garden equipment small engines. Gas mowers are not the eco friendly solution.

With a manual push mower, or hand mower, you are eliminating all of these pollutants as well as petroleum product use. The push mower has come a long way since those days of mowing the neighbours lawn for two dollars.

Modern technology and design have created a manual push mower of superb quality and effectiveness. These mowers, also called “reel” mowers, due to the design of the blade movement, are the ultimate in eco friendly lawn care. It is a simple concept, you push, it mows.

Even though your gas mower friend might try to tell you otherwise, a manual push mower is not difficult to use requiring only slightly more effort than a power mower. With new blade designs and lighter materials, hand mowers are quiet and virtually maintenance free lawn tools.

A manual push mower does take a bit longer to accomplish the same task as a power mower, but it is a much more pleasant experience. Reel mowers also leave you with a good feeling about yourself and how you’ve helped the planet.

In terms of time spent, if you can mow an area with a power mower in 45 minutes, it might take you 60 – 70 minutes with a manual push mower. But as good as the modern reel mowers are, they aren’t for every lawn job.

They will not cut dandelions or tall weeds and for unkempt lawns; it may require two passes of a manual push mower. Lawns over 7000 square feet will take too much of a time commitment for the average user to consider hand mowing a feasible option.

For larger lawns, the eco friendly advantages of the manual push mower must bow to the electric mower. There are two kinds of electric mowers, the corded and the cordless. With the advances in battery technology the cordless, rechargeable electric mower is the best option. A corded mower has the obvious limit of its cord length, usually no more than 100 feet before you run into the problem of current flow and diameter of cord.

Electrics are often more expensive than the more simple reel mowers, usually two or three times the price. They also offer a smooth, silent cutting experience and a cutting power closer to that of a gas mower.

The recent trend back towards the manual push mower stems from a more eco aware public. A simple step like mowing your lawn by hand is a great way to start greening your own yard.

Looking for an alternative to your black smoke puffing gas mower? Want to use something a little more earth friendly? Check out what the latest eco friendly technology has provided for reel mowers []. Push your way to a ‘greener” backyard.


  1. Though it isn’t heavy, the blade is made of high-quality materials and is expected to last for a long time. Blades with zero turn tires for hills corrosion resistance provide safety and a better cut. When using dull blades, you could result in grass tips that aren’t cut or sharp. This can result to the build-up of fungus, which can result many diseases too.

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