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Just like any other basketball leagues in the world, the NCAA basketball tournament statistics have always been very historical. Throughout the years, the basketball sports statistics have been limited to large tables of means and sums as well as with some descriptive displays of figurative points. However, in the recent times, the basketball tournament statistics of NCAA had been undergoing sophisticated analyses of data from professional statisticians. In this way, it became easier for the audience to interpret what they are seeing on their computer screen or sports magazines.

With the help of professional statisticians, the NCAA basketball tournament statistics have become more interesting to read and interpret. Its statistics tables are easily illustrated on the most important concepts of score statistics. New approaches are applied on the statistics displays representing and handling the most difficult joel embiid injury scenarios of basketball statistics for NCAA. These new approaches are said to be useful in identifying missing data that are non-randomly. They are also use for ranking and time dependent selection purposes.

The American Statistical Association is a new section and one of the entities handling the inputs for NCAA basketball tournament statistics. It is now becoming popular because of so many positive testimonies from different sports analyst as well as professional statisticians.

NCAA basketball tournament statistics help determine the best, better, weak, and the great players of every team. In the scoreboards of every statistic, the points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game, blocked shots per game, defensive rebounds per game, field goals made per game, free throws attempted per game, point leaders per game, steals per game and three pointers attempted per game are reflected. Weekly rankings are also part of the basketball statistics where it can be access on the official website of NCAA. The interactive weekly ranking of the NCAA website allows the viewers to select which division they prefer of viewing the weekly rankings. Reporting week and statistic category are also selected for every division. The reporting week displays dated through games for precise data while the statistic category is divided into four options of individual, individual game highs, team and team game highs. Once all data are selected, the viewer has the options of displaying or showing the report results in html report, ASCII report, PDF report and CSV-Spreadsheet report. Archived statistics of past NCAA basketball tournaments can also be access in the website.

NCAA basketball tournament statistics are interpreted for every division namely the namely Division I, Division II and Division III. Whereas for every division there is a team and individual statistics, archive statistics, statistics for the national ranking of every team and player, archived final statistics of team by team, statistics for the all-time winning teams, statistics of winning streaks, and trend statistics. Some areas of figurative data are also seen at the NCAA basketball tournament statistics that include schedules and attendance of the players and teams, and coaching records